Maps & Charts

Uses Maps in many standard image formats - TIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG.

The formats below can only be used in the registered version of OziExplorer.

Uses Maps in many proprietary formats – BSB, ECW, MrSID

(These proprietary formats have been licensed for use in OziExplorer where necessary. These formats may have geo-referencing information included in the image or as a separate file. The map images can be imported into OziExplorer to easily calibrate the image or can be manually calibrated using the OziExplorer load and calibrate option.)

Uses formats developed especially for use in OziExplorerCE (also can be used with OziExplorer).

You can use maps you scan yourself from paper charts.

Map calibration ability built in.

Map Datums – over 100 map Datums supported,

Display the latitude/longitude grid or an alternate grid like UTM.

Attach files to a map to be loaded with the map.

Specify permanent Map features by placing symbols and comments on the map.

Attach a file to each Map feature.

Measure areas and distances.